Sprout turns your SOPs into digital checklists for everyone. 


Get compliant with our templates.

Our starter pack includes a set of templates that you can customize for your business.  Whether you're aiming for GMP compliance, or just getting more efficient, we've got you covered.



  • Water Testing
  • Nutrient Applications
  • Pest Management Applications
  • pH and PPM Monitoring
  • Feeding
  • Nutrient Mixing


  • Batch Production Records
  • Master Production Records
  • Version Control
  • Maintenance, Sanitation and Calibration Procedures
  • Recommend schedules


  • Inventory Management
  • Packaging
  • QA & Testing
  • Deliveries
  • Cash Management


  • Recalls
  • Returns
  • Complaints
  • Cleaning
  • Store Management

    Record data at every step.   

    Sprout makes tasks easier, more compliant, and more efficient than paper.

    Assign "Authors"

    Tell the system who is responsible for each area of the business, like Inventory or Extractions.

    customize Templates 

    Have those authors write, review and customize the templates for any task they oversee.

    Publish & Iterate

    Then, publish those workflows for your employees to use. Training is typically minimal since instructions are embedded.

    Use on any device

    Sprout is incredibly fast on any browser (except IE!) and on any device. Offline version coming soon.


    Sprout can help with state applications, too, with our Tagging feature.

    Sprout Quality Features


    Policy Management

    Easily document how your policies comply with regulations and standards. This enables streamlined application reviews, audits, and self-assessments.

    Procedure Automation

    Use our SOPs or your own to create Sprout Procedures. These are step-by-step wizards to use while performing any task, and they collect all the data you need to prove compliance.

    Real-time Monitoring

    Monitor and report on the history of any task, ranging from inventory procedures to batch production runs.